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Dogfoods4u: Natural Cat Food

Our name might be Dogfoods4u, but we cater to your feline friends as well. If you're searching for natural cat food, it doesn't get any more natural than raw cat food. And raw cat food doesn't get any better than Nutriment's award-winning natural cat food.

Imagine your kitty's delight when they dig into a tasty meal of rabbit with turkey. This complete raw meal features high-quality fresh rabbit, bone and offal, human-grade quality raw turkey and turkey offal, with nutrient-dense superfoods, quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Nutriment's raw cat food is a natural cat food that's free from artificial and biologically inappropriate ingredients such as grains, additives and preservatives. These tasty and highly nutritious cats' meals come in single-serve trays for convenience and portion control.


Our raw cat food from Nutriment comes with multipacks of 12 in rabbit with turkey, chicken, venison and duck. Nutriment's natural cat food offers a healthy raw cat food diet for your cat with flavour options that you won't find elsewhere. The venison and duck contain 80% fresh meat, 10% offal and 10% bone, including wild venison, British duck with bone, British beef heart, British beef liver, British beef kidney, Scottish cold water salmon oil, raw sea kelp powder, spirulina powder, and wheat germ oil.

At Dogfoods4u, we're proud to offer natural cat food from Nutriment. They revolutionised the world of raw feeding, with a commitment to animal health, using human-grade quality raw meats and vegetables, with no antibiotics or chemical additives. You can count on Dogfoods4u and Nutriment to provide the best raw cat food for your favourite cats.



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