10 tips for feeding bones safely

  1. Do NOT feed weight bearing bones (of big animals in particular)

  2. Always supervise when feeding bones – it’s essential!

  3. If you have a gulper feed frozen or hand feed your bones until you know they have learned to chomp properly (there is NO issue with frozen)

  4. Avoid bones that due to size are a choking hazard for your size of dog or are too large to have in one sitting

  5. If you’ve just started raw feeding start at the LOW END! It’s important to know your dogs tolerance to bone; what they can handle.

  6. Do NOT go on graphs in regards to bone content as is not safe as it varies greatly. Bone content is highly dependent on eg how old the animal was at slaughter, how it was reared, how it was butchered and with what intend (meat for human consumption or not).

  7. Watch poo; crumbly, straining, white, rock hard are all indicators that it was too much bone, so tone it down, you need to feed less bone. (click here for the Poo Guide)

  8. Suitable bones have meat on them, and plenty! Bones that are stripped bare of any meat – avoid, use them for bone broth.


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