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Our dogs are often our best friends, so we naturally want to know more about them. Keep reading to discover some incredible facts that you'll find amazing!

Top Dog Facts

1) A dog's sense of smell is over 40 times better than ours, the area of cells in a dog's brain that detects smell is 40x larger than humans, you dog can therefore smell things that we never could, this is why working dogs are used to sniff people, drugs and even money.

2) A dog's nose is wet to assist them in absorbing scent chemicals. Dog's noses are wet to help absorb these chemicals, their nose secretes a special mucus that helps to absorb scent, they then lick their nose to sample this scent chemicals and understand what the scent is.

3) Some dogs have such a good scent that they are used to sniff out medical problems and diseases. These clever medical dogs are trained to sniff out medical conditions and diseases and indicate to owners when they need more medication.

In the ongoing Covid pandemic, dogs are even being used to indicate covid in people.

4) Dogs have the ability to breath and sniff at the same time. A dog's sense of smell is their most important sense, indicating to them over their evolution where food is, dangers to them and their friends amongst other things. A dog's nose is designed to hold scents which remain in their nose whilst also being able to breath with their lungs at the same time.

5) Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking, these fortunate dogs were all first class passengers and included a Pomeranian puppy, her owner wrapped her into a blanket before boarding a lifeboat which other passengers thought was a baby. The other two survivors were a Pekingese and another Pomeranian.

6) Some dogs are so fast that they would beat a cheetah in a race, almost all dogs. could easily outrun a human with the fastest breed being the greyhound.

A greyhound can reach 45mph within seconds.

You may ask how 45mph can beat a cheetah that can reach 70mph, the answer is that whilst cheetahs can reach this speed, they can only maintain it for 30 seconds, dogs however can run at speed of 35mph for several miles.

7) Dogs are right of left pawed - worldwide studies have evidenced that dogs have a favourite paw to lead with. If your curious to know if your dog is left or right pawed, you can give them a favourite toy and see which paw is used to help them first.

8) Banenji dogs don't bark, the Basenji breed does not bark, instead they are heard to yodel, scream or whine.

9)The Saluki breed is the oldest breed of dog, the breed dates back to 329BC and were kept by royalty in ancient egypt. Carvings of a dog were found in 7000BC in the area of southern iraq.

10) Sharpeis have black tongues, the cause of which is not known.

11) Dogs are not colour blind as the myth goes, they see colour but not as vividly as humans, their colour vision is similar to that of a human at dusk.

12) If a female dog was never spayed or neutered, along with her puppies, they could produce over 66'000 puppies in just 6 years.

13) The Lundehune can close it's ears

14) The Russians trained dogs during WWII to run suicide missions with mines strapped to their backs

15) The USA has the highest dog population in the world, followed by France in second place.

16) The Basset Hound cannot swim

17) A dog's nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint and can be used to accurately identify them.

18) Paul McCartney added a high pitched dog whistle to the end of his song "A day in the life", he is said to have done this for his sheepdog.

19) Dogs have no sense of time

20) Dogs do not have an appendix

21) It is believed in the science community that every dog likely descended from a species known as the tomarctus - a creature that roamed earth 15 million years ago

22) There are 703 purebred dogs

23) Puppies have 28 teeth, increasing to 42 adult teeth.

24) Dogs dream. Just like humans, dogs have (SWS) slow wave sleep along with rapid eye movement (REM) which allows them to dream. Dogs can be seen to twitch and move their paws during their sleep indicating that they are dreaming.

25) A panting dog can take 300 - 400 breaths compared to their regular 30 - 40 breaths with little effort, they do this to cool themselves down

26) Dogs roll in dirt or rubbish to mask their own smell, this inherited instinct was useful to them in the wild when they were hunting prey whilst avoiding becoming the hunted.

27) Kublai Khan owned 5000 Mastiff dogs, the most ever owned by anyone

28) Dogs have the ability to find the source of a sound in 6/100tghs of a second.


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