Bacteria in Raw dog food

With the rise in popularity of the high protein raw BARF diet for dogs, there has been sectors of some media who have linked Raw dog food to bacteria.

Originally many of these stories were rumoured to have started from the big kibble companies who were keen to discredit the diet, in desperation that consumers would stick with their dry old biscuits.

It didn't work thankfully and now these same companied have realised that if they cannot beat us they will look to join us, sadly their long reputation warns us that if the product starts off with any quality ingredients, it will evolve to become a branded waste product again over time.

Some of these large companies have now started buying some of the established Raw dog food companies where we should expect the quality to become degraded when profits become their goal above offering the best dog nutrition.

We do not sell any of these brands and will not sell them out of principle.

Healthy cats and dogs have natural defenses to bacteria in raw food. We have all seen what they will put in their mouths or lick. The salivary glands in cats and dogs contain the enzymes lysozyme and peroxidase, lactoferrin, defensins, cystian and an antibody, lgA, which are all antibacterial.

Whilst sometimes the stories appear worrying, in context on any diet, over 80% of the microbes in a dog’s mouth are not present in a person’s mouth.  Our bodies can neither tolerate nor benefit from these bacteria. If they enter your system, you stand a good chance of developing an infection or disease.

In the stomach the pH balance drops to 1 and 2. That’s equal to the pH balance of Hydrochloric acid. The strong stomach acid is not only there to digest raw meat and bone, it helps kill off unwanted bad bacteria. This is only part of the body’s defenses. This is not to say that dog and cats can not get sick from bacteria like salmonella – they are just better at defending the body from them.

All the Raw dog foods that we sell are tested for salmonella and other bacteria to the full extent required by law and we only ever use fresh meat and other ingredients fit for human consumption.

With any raw meat product the sensible advice and the advice we would always give to our customers would be to wash your hands after handling a raw dog food and ensure that dog bowls are washed after each meal.

Raw Dog foods are now fed to thousands of dogs across the United Kingdom and the fact these stories are rare although alarming, would support the conclusion that a Raw dog food is safe whilst providing your dog with the very best Nutrition on offer which is the closest thing to their natural diet.


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