Coping with puppy teething

Teething is one of the problematic stages for any new puppy with puppy owners wondering in some cases whether their new puppy will ever stop with this chewing behaviour.

There are now some great options to help your puppy with this painful life stage, to bring them some relief and help with their chewing behaviour.

1) Dog Chews

A range of great dog chews on hand can greatly assist your puppy with the teething process, it is good to have a variety on offer so that they can establish which one works best for them. Chews vary from natural dehydrated treats to the rubber kong or teething rings.

2) Cold or frozen treats / food

This is where a raw diet can really help, by feeding the food frozen or chilled, your puppy can numb the pain associated with teething, whilst also keeping the food a little fresher whilst out, cold water or also frozen carrots can bring some relief.

3) Using a light leash

You can use a light leash to help control your puppy and stop them from chewing on furniture, keeping them close.

4) Teething gels

There are some great puppy teethings gels on the market, they all appear to contact one common natural ingredient which is Clove Oil, a natural oil that has long been used for natural treatment of oral pain and sensitivity. This one has been tried by the Dogfoods4u team and works almost instantly, it wasn't clear to us whether is was the ingredients of the application of rubbing it onto the gums that works so quickly, but the results were evident and fast.


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