How much sleep does my puppy need?

Puppies often have so much energy that people are left wondering how much sleep their puppy should be getting each day.

The simple answer is as much as 16 to 20 hours per day.

For puppies that are awake for longer than this time frame, people often notice behavioural patterns like unregulated chewing and biting of hands, bursts of energy where the dog tears things up or throws their water bowl over.

When a puppy is awake they burn a lot of energy, a growing body and many new experiences such as new places and new people. Sleep is essential for a puppies healthy growth and development, including the necessary development of their central nervous system, brain, immune system and muscles.

Because our world is an increasingly stimulating place for a puppy, they won't always sleep as much as they should from their internal clock telling them they should rest.

A new Puppy owner can help ensure their puppy is getting enough rest by following these simple easy steps:

  1. Show your puppy where to sleep - If your puppy seems drowsy or even showing the behaviour of biting and chewing in a restless fashion, they can be encouraged to take a rest. Crate training can prove a great aid for this, because the puppy can be secured within his own area, where there is less stimulus to keep them awake.

  2. Recognise overtired behaviour - Puppies are great fun, but it's important that we recognise when a puppy is overtired and starts to behave in a manner where they display behavioural problems like frantically chewing and biting. Too much stimulation and sheer exhaustion can lead to bad behaviour. Recognising this behaviour allows us to step in and guide them to their crate so that they can take a much needed rest and unwind.

  3. Follow a routine - A good routine ensures that a dog and puppy have sufficient exercise and active time, after which they are encouraged to rest, this routine allows them to adapt to rest periods. Many puppies will choose to rest every hours for as long as two hours, this sleep is normal.

  4. Avoid disturbing your puppy - It is often hard for people and especially children to avoid disturbing a sleeping puppy by giving them a cuddle or encouraging them to play, how ever this sleep is much needed by your young and growing puppy and is important for their development. Children should be encouraged to leave the puppy alone when they are asleep. Remember when your puppy does wake up they will likely need the toilet.


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