Meeting your dog's needs during Covid-19 lockdown

Anyone who has a working dog or companion pet will have various questions about the recently announced government lock down, here we aim to try and answer a few of them for you

The Dog Lockdown Covid19

1) Can I walk my dog?

- Yes the new advice directs that someone should get 1 period of exercise per day, this would be the opportunity to exercise your dog with you.

2) Will my vets be open?

- Almost exclusively vets are now closed across the Country, however almost all of these are accepting emergency appointments, but since the premises are not routinely staffed during these hours, you should call ahead and discuss this with your vet. Most vets will also be prescribing emergency prescriptions only for your dog, with most routine prescriptions and food currently not being available.

3) How can I clean my dogs feet after their walk?

- Soap and water is the general advice for human skin however little advice has been given on paws, here at Dogfoods4u we have always used "Hibiscrub" which is a highly effective cleaning agent used for hand washing in clinical environments, but good old soap and water appears to be just as good from the advice being given.

Hibiscrub is available online and via your local pharmacist, always seek veterinary advice over the telephone first.

4) How can I help my dog with anxiety during this time?

- There are two leading products, we have previously sold them but don't currently stock them, the products however are available online widely, these are Adaptil and Pet Remedy. Adaptil being a pheramone based calming agent and adaptive being a herbal blend producing a calming effect, both products have a variety of applicatons from sprays to plug ins. We recommend both products and have had great experience with them both.

5) What can I do if I need to leave my dog at home for a hospital admission?

There are a number of Covid19 support groups cropping up on Facebook and most likely there is one for your area, type "TOWN + Covid 19" to hopefully bring a result for your area, people in these groups are looking to help people in the current situation and can hopefully offer your dog some temporary help. If your admission is related to the Covid-19 flu you should make them aware of this, so that full precautions can be taken, when taking over your dogs care.

6) How can I help other dogs at this time?

Your local animal shelter, pet rescue, dog homing centre has never needed your financial help more than now. There are no rescue plans for these charities and many of their vital fundraising events for the entire Summer have been cancelled, they are also unable to quickly re-home many of these dogs during this time and face increased veterinary costs.

If you have any spare money, please consider donating just a small amount to your local dog charity to really help them through this time.

Almost all of these charities will not be accepting any new volunteering help due to the restrictions, but they do desperately need funds in some cases.

7) Will Dogfoods4u continue to provide food for my dog through the crisis?

Yes we are working hard to ensure that we supply your dog's favourite food without any interruption, so far our deliveries have been on time and as usual and we don't anticipate that this shall change in the weeks ahead.

We are regularly communicating with our suppliers and DPD to ensure that our distribution is unaffected. DPD have now adopted a short term process of dropping off the delivery without requirement for signature along with standing away from the door after knocking for your attention, further details are available on the DPD uk website.


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