What goes in Nutriment Raw

Most people who embark on a Raw diet for their four legged friends, quickly come to the conclusion that the raw diet delivers benefits to their dog which traditional kibble and wet foods fail with.

At Dogfoods4u we hear a whole range of feedback from our customers on what they've seen happen with their dog since embarking on the raw journey, in fact we hear of these changes so often that we almost take them for granted.

If your new to Raw feeding and even if your not so new, you may be asking, what goes into a complete Raw ready meal, what makes the meal complete and can the meal be replicated at home.

For the example in this article we use Nutriment Raw, which is a highly reputable manufacturer of high quality ready meals that we've worked with for many years.

Nutriment’s complete raw dog food meets the high energy needs of happy, healthy dogs, and provides a wholesome BARF diet. Made completely in-house in the UK with high-quality, natural, human-grade ingredients, our nutritious meals offer highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense nourishment that are full of essential amino acids, vitamins and macro-nutrients. Shipped frozen to retain their natural goodness, we have options to suit canines of all breeds & ages and dietary preferences (chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, duck and more!).

Firstly the typical ingredients:

Very fresh human grade vegetables

85% of the meal is always,Fresh meats and Fish, offal and bone

Virgin coconut oil

Bilberry, Spirulina Powder

Whole milled sesame seeds

Wheat germ oil

Vitamin E

Can I make similar food at home (DIY)

Yes it is entirely possible and many people do make a DIY minced formula of Raw food that is complete in all the nutrients, however what people tend to struggle with is handling of large quantities of raw ingredients and then storage, with the main obstacle being the ability to mince raw bone to a fine paste so that it can be mixed into a ready meal where the protein is readily available.

Many people who embrace the DIY approach choose to buy some components of the meal ready made, such as the offal and bone content, Nutriment make the "Just" range which can be used as an addition to the DIY meals.

For advice on Nutriment or advice on the DIY approach to Raw BARF feeding, drop us a line or add your comments, suggestions or advice for others in the comments.



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