12kg U4IA Raw Complete Turkey Formula


Our popular Turkey complete formula in this box set of 12 Chubbs/tubs for just £32.99


Multipack contains:

  • 12 x Turkey 1kg Chubbs


U4IA is created by Dogfoods4u, using customer feedback to create a food that is trully unique, great value, minimal packaging and compact to store in the freezer.

Made from the freshest ingredients which are rapidly frozen on the same day of production ensuring all of their Nutrition remains locked into them ready for your Dogs best meal.


This food is ideal for the fussy dog, dogs absolutely love this formula of ours.


Our Formula contains - 65% Turkey, 15% Fresh British Vegetables, 10% British Ox Heart,10% British Ox Liver and Kidney

12kg U4IA Raw Turkey Complete Formula

SKU: 400024