Beco Natural Rubber Ball - Pink


Available in 3 Sizes:

S - 5cm
M - 6.5cm
L - 7.5cm
XL - 8.5cm


Even the wildest adventurers sometimes need a bit of R&R.

A natural rubber ball that bounces and bowls to keep your dog busy when you’re on, or between, expeditions.

Beco Natural Rubber Ball - Pink

PriceFrom £4.99
  • Sustainably tapped from tree trunks of FSC certified forests. It's strength and elasticity make it perfect for dog toys

  • When your dog is getting restless waiting for their walk, keep them at bay a little longer by stuffing their toy with delicious raw treats or formula. There we go, a few more minutes of Blue Planet. What have you got for me, Mr. Attenborough? Inspire my next adventure.