Green Releaf Tablets For Dogs And Cats


- 100 tablets


Capturing the essence of selected fresh green plants and their seeds, this formulation has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and pain relieving properties.


Its main uses are for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, skin and kidney disorders and as a mild diuretic to aid normal urinary elimination. In arthritic pets, this medicine relieves the pain of arthritis and improves mobility and it can also reduce irritation caused by various skin problems.


Green Releaf Tablets promote mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH (acid-alkali) balance.


This can be helpful in cases of cystitis, urinary incontinence and leaky bladders that occur after spaying (neutering) or other surgery and in old age.

Green Releaf For Dogs

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  • Ingredients: Watercress 70mg, Celery seed 30mg, Horseradish 30mg, Celery plant 30mg, Parsley 20mg

    Dosage: Treatment dose - 2 tablets per 5-10 kgs bodyweight daily. Maintenance dose - 1 tablet per 5-10 kgs bodyweight daily.

    Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes

    Can be used during lactation?: Yes

    Interactions: None, can be given in conjunction with any other medication

    Product Finishing: Film Coated

    Always read the label

  • Green Releaf / Garlic & Fenugreek

    • 25 February 2020

    Superb results on both my dogs. Bella's skin was really itchy and she nibbled away much of the hair on her legs, feet and flanks. Within a few days of starting the Garlic & Fenugreek / Green Releaf combination in therapeutic dosage, there was a very noticeable improvement and the new healthy strong hair grew back quickly within a few weeks. Yonnie's itchiness was less pronounced, but also reduced very quickly. Highly recommended. NOTE: No other treatment (vet / pharmaceutical) was given - just the above.



    • 08 October 2019

    My 10 year old dog who has arthritis in her hips, legs and arms is now able to run and skip about like a pup thanks to this supplement and the dorwest garlic and fenugreek. We do use other supplements but these have really made a huge difference in just two weeks. I highly recommend this combination of treatments, my dog has had stunning results.



    • 17 July 2019

    I was told about Dorwest herbs by a fellow dog lover. They said their tablets had worked wonders in helping their retriever get back his mobility & reduce his pain from arthritis.rnThey have done the same for my dog. He has not had to take ANY pain relief from our vet since taking the Garlic & Fenugreek & Green Releaf Tablet combo.rnMAGIC!