Irresistibly meaty, 100% pure meat treats for dogs, JR Pure Seabass Sticks contain nothing more than 100% natural, human-grade seabass meat, with ZERO additives, fillers, artificial nasties, preservatives, grains or gluten, ensuring only the best for your dog at treat-time.


The perfect addition to a healthy and balanced diet, helping to keep your dog in tip top condition every day, JR Pure Seabass Sticks are packed with beneficial nutrients, made with only 100% pure, premium cuts of human-grade fish, and no offal.  Designed to be fed as a tasty snack, high-value training aid or reward for good behaviour, they’re a healthy and delicious treat for all dogs containing nothing more than 100% seabass.  Easily digestible and great for dogs with allergies, they are also completely free from grains, gluten and other common allergens, helping to prevent reaction when ingested.

Suitable for all dogs, including those on raw-fed diets, JR Pure Seabass Sticks help to promote optimum condition, delivering a great source of beneficial nutrients with every bite. Made with only premium cuts of real, human-grade meat, they provide a rich source of protein to support strong, lean muscles and healthy energy levels, and are also low in fat, great for dogs needing to shed a few pounds or those that struggle to maintain healthy weight levels. Designed as easy-feed sticks they’re perfectly sized for all dogs, great for feeding whole or breaking into smaller pieces should your dog prefer or require smaller, bite-sized treats.


  • Delicious and nutritious, 100% natural meat treats for dogs over 4 weeks
  • Made with only premium, responsibly sourced fresh cuts of human-grade fish, with ZERO offal, derivatives or meat meals
  • Made with 100% pure seabass, providing an intense fishy flavour dogs love
  • Easy to digest, great for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • Grain and gluten free, ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities
  • Naturally low in fat, and high in protein, supporting optimum condition
  • Rich in natural nutrients, including important amino acids, anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat, bone health, and overall good health
  • ZERO additives, preservatives, artificial nasties and unnecessary fillers
  • Great for all dogs, including those on raw-fed or kibble-fed diets
  • A great addition to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Helps to keep your dog fit, healthy and happy
  • Perfect for treating, as a high-value reward for training, or just because!

JR - Seabass Sticks for dogs

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