Dog Rocks are a natural nutrient supplement which stops your dog's urine from causing lawn burn in your garden.

Dog Rocks are made from a completely natural rock which - once added to your pet's water bowl - protects your lawn from the nasty brown patches caused by dog urine.
Dog Rocks are laboratory tested and proven to be completely safe for your dog and do not effect the pH of their urine.
Dog Rocks are made from Paramagnetic Igneous Rock which increase the properties of Barium, Boron, Manganese and Strontium while decreasing Tin levels in your dog's water.

All you have to do is simply put Dog Rocks in your dog's water bowl and make sure you fill it with no more than 2 litres of water.
Dog Rocks start improving your lawn within 5 weeks and need to be replaced every 2 months to ensure they continue caring for your lawn.

However, they are not an exact science as every dog is different but once you have sussed out what works you should have no more lawn burn problems.

For example, when your dog drinks more water during the summer you may find that you will have to up your Dog Rocks dosage.


  • One 200g pack is for one dog/water bowl. If you have additional dogs and water bowls you will need 200g per bowl.

Lawn Protecting Dog Rocks - 200g