LARGE NUTRIMENT 26.5kg Dog Tub Mixer Selection Box


Suitable for all breeds

A mixer box consisting of 26.5kgs of mixed complete formulas, in 53 x 500g Trays, for dogs.


Price INCLUDES shipping.

Our mixer box contains:

  • 10 x 500g Chicken
  • 8 x 500g Beef
  • 10 x 500g Turkey
  • 6 x 500g Salmon and Chicken
  • 7  x 500g Duck
  • 5 x 500g Salmon and Turkey
  • 5 x 500g Chicken and Lamb
  • 2 x 500g Lamb

Please Note: If we are out of stock of certain flavours, the mixer pack will be made with a selection of the flavours in stock.

For more details on the products, please click on the flavours.

NUTRIMENT 26.5kg Core Dog Mixer Box

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  • This Selection provides a sample of the different flavours in full size tubs, ideal for variety or trying out what flavour your companion likes most.

    All have high meat content and other quality ingredients.