Tasty Lamb Broth

  • 500ml pouch


The amazing benefits of Broth

Packed with minerals and nutrients, our Broth is a superfood for wellbeing and a long list of ailments. It is one of the greatest things to have in your freezer.

Use it everyday as a complimentary food, or for enhanced hydration, particularly those who have been sick, or recovering from surgery.

Not only does it offer excellent support for joint care, it also helps create a healthy gut and helps develop a strong immune system. 


Tasty Broth is great for gut health

Tasty Broth can help with 'leaky gut' syndrome, where the gut lining becomes stressed because of dietary issues and bacterial imbalances. Containing a high dose of collagen, Tasty Broth helps to strengthen and repair the lining.


How to feed and store

Once defrosted feed 100ml per 10 kilo weight of your dog each day - that's 10ml for every kilo in a small dog. Tasty Broth keeps for 10 days in your fridge.

Poppy's Picnic - Tasty Lamb Broth for dogs

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  • Made with 100% natural Lamb bone, with no additives

  • 95.2% Moisture
    0.3% Oils
    5.5% Crude Protein
    0.1% Crude Fibre
    0.2% Crude Ash