SmartBarf - Vegetable, seed and fruit mix 500g

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SmartBarf™ is a 100% natural source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs. All the ingredients are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to create a healthy balanced diet for your raw fed dog.


SmartBarf can be used with any home prepared meal, whether raw or cooked. Smartbarf isn't suitable for kibble and canned foods that are already "complete".



  • 40% Herbs, Vegetables and Seaweed (leafy greens, root crops, Mediterranean herbs, meadow plants, seaweed)
  • 40% Seeds and Nuts (meadow seeds, vegetable seeds, herb & spice seeds, tropical and woodland nuts)
  • 10% Fruits and Berries (orchard, Mediterranean, tropical and hedgerow)
  • 10% Pulses (8 different beans)


Made without soya, wheat, rice or corn.


SmartBarf™ is already mixed and packaged, and has a long shelf life, all for your convenience and to save you time and money. 1 box makes 35 daily meals for most medium sized dogs. No fuss, no mess, no waste. Just add water and serve with meat.

SmartBarf - Dog Vegetable, seed and fruit mix 500g

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  • Smartbarf can be stirred into a suitable dog mince but the nutrients are more easily absorbed if it is first mixed in warm water (2 parts water, 1 part powder). Once re-hydrated, Smartbarf should be stored in the fridge and used within 7 days or better still, frozen until needed. If you already feed your dogs with fresh vegetables, replace these with 20% Smartbarf by weight. i.e. 20g of Smartbarf powder = 100g of fresh ingredients.