Nutriment TURKEY Formula


Nutriment’s raw turkey formula is part of the Core range of innovative, premium raw dog foods. Specifically formulated by our in-house canine nutritionists with canine health and happiness in mind, our turkey recipe includes carefully selected ingredients which are biologically appropriate, natural and easy for dogs to digest.


Turkey contains high-quality protein and is low in fat, and therefore is an ideal protein source for dog food. Our turkey formula is free from grains, fillers and artificial ingredients which are common in commercially available dog foods and can cause digestive discomfort in dogs. 


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500g Tubs or 1.4 Kg Chubbs


Part of Nutriment’s Core range of premium, raw dog food, our turkey variety is a firm favourite for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. Our turkey recipe contains 85% fresh turkey meat, offal and bone, supplemented with biologically appropriate vegetables such as butternut squash and curly kale, and nutrient dense superfoods such as spirulina and coconut oil.


The combination of these premium ingredients provides the essential nutrition dogs need for optimal health and wellbeing. As all of our ingredients are natural and biologically appropriate, they are suited to a dog’s digestive system. Dogs can easily digest our recipes, efficiently absorbing large amounts of the nutrients and therefore supporting their body systems.

The ground bone in our turkey meat create an enjoyable texture and promote oral health and hygiene which is very important for the overall health of dogs.


  • Feed 2-3% of the dog's ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over 2 meals.


  • Contains 85% fresh meat, offal and bone.


Naturally Low-Fat

Turkey is a very lean meat and is known for quality protein and low-fat properties. This makes our raw turkey dog food a great choice for dogs who are overweight or suffer from weight related conditions. Turkey is also rich in potassium, zinc and essential amino acids which all contribute to the maintenance of important body functions such as muscle activity, heart function and nervous system function.


Cooking processes and preservatives can damage the nutritional profile of dog food products. As our turkey dog food is served and consumed raw, the nutrients are naturally preserved, meaning your dog can enjoy great flavour, texture and nutrition in one meal.

Nutriment Raw TURKEY Formula for dogs

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100 Grams
  • This consists of 85% fresh British turkey, suitable for human consumption plus ground bone, fish oils and other essential ingredients.