A daily supplement to help reduce itching and restore coat quality.

Made from 100% natural active ingredients, Verm-X® Itch Eeze has been developed using a unique blend of soothing herbs. It is completely free from allergens and supports the immune system. Feed all year round for optimum effectiveness.


Feeding Guide

Feed one to two capsules per day. One capsule for mild conditions, two for more severe. Feed every day throughout the year for continual effectiveness.

Each capsule can easily be pulled apart and sprinkled onto any wet feed, or fed whole with a piece of your dog’s favourite meat.

50g will last 1 dog up to 5 months.

Verm-X Itch-Eeze Capsules for Dogs - 50g

  • Jimjam - 

    My terrier cross has had a bad grass pollen allergy since we got him several years ago. When the summers have been quite warm and had a high pollen count he has had to use atopica from the vet, £100 a month! Last year we managed with only evening primrose oil, but this year his skin was terrible. I have cancelled the pet insurance so wanted to find something cheaper that works. This works wonderfully. After about 2 weeks of using one capsule of this with evening primrose oil his skin was back to normal. Would recommend for anyone wanting to avoid high vet bills!

  • 7 June 2015

    I previously used the biscuit version of these, before they replaced the biscuits with these capsules. My Boxer dog has previously had problems with his ears (infections, very dirty, etc), particularly in the spring/summer months, before I began to use the Allergy-X, 2 years ago. Since I have been using Allergy-X his ears have been clear and he has not had one problem since. The first packet of these capsules, I purchased directly from Paddocks Farm Partnership, as they were not on Amazon at the time. I have just purchased my 2nd packet from Amazon, as it works out a bit cheaper on here. I think that these capsules are stronger and more potent than the biscuits, so I feel that they will do an even better job than the biscuits did (even though the biscuits were excellent). My Boxer has an all round herbal supplement mixed with natural yogurt on daily basis, so I break the capsule and pour the contents in with this once a day (he has one capsule a day) and he loves it. The smell is very garlicy and strong, so if you think that your dog will not like it given in this way, you can always give the capsule whole in their food. Allergy-X is brilliant and very gentle on the dogs system. I try to use herbal/natural products in the first instance to solve a problem, rather than rushing to the vets. If for some reason the herbal/natural way does not work (which is very very rare !), it is only then that I go to the vets. I also feed my dogs a RAW diet now (only changed to RAW, 2 months ago), which I feel also helps with preventing health problems.