Wolf Tucker - Naked Chicken


  • Sold in 500g Tubs


*Suitable for Adults and Puppies*

Naked Chicken is ideal for all raw dog food DIY'ers and perhaps as an occasional treat meal. We never compromise on quality and use only UK-Sourced, DEFRA-approved poultry and meats throughout our range of dog foods. We never use battery-farmed animals. 


Animal proteins and fats are the most important factor in your dog’s diet; through each life stage they support the canine body and mind. We recommend feeding a variety of protein sources to create a balance in your dog’s diet. These meals can be fed alongside our current ranges or you may choose to add your fruit and vegetables. 


Suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.

Wolf Tucker - Raw BARF Naked Chicken

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100 Grams
  • 100% Ground Chicken & Bone